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Credit Card

SA debt measures backfires

Cape Town- Only 21c in every rand is available to the average South African household to pay for living expenses, the rest is used to pay debt. Despite measures in the last two decades to curb levels of household indebtedness. Of the 20 million credit-active consumers in this country, 47% are in arrears on their accounts by three months or more, or had judgments against them, or had negative ratings on their credit record, according to the National Credit Regulator.


Financial Freedom through HELP

Feeling overwhelmed due to not being able to meet your monthly financial commitments? Are you blacklisted? Maybe even under debt review? Desperately searching for a solution to your financial woes? Has your application for an extension on your existing home loan through the normal banking channels been denied?


Cash-strapped home owners fell for property scam

A man acting as an estate agent lured two parishioners from the church he attended in the late 1990s into a property scam, the Western Cape High Court has heard.

Payment Method

Know your Credit Health

The bank manager has turned down your home loan application. His words you are a "credit risk" reverberate in your ear. How can this be possible? You have always been responsible with credit. The importance of knowing your credit health cannot be over-emphasised.

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