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The Mattfin Vision

In 2008 the “The Home Equity Leverage Plan” (H.E.L.P) was developed to assist over indebted homeowners who are permanently employed to save their homes from being auctioned.

The focus grew, to securing a means whereby these indebted home owners could salvage their homes, improve their cash flow, credit health and retain their dignity. MattFin is passionate about helping those who desperately require financial assistance, and guidance in personal money management.

Business Meeting

Working with finances and being at the forefront of transformation doesn't have to mean giving up ideals and ethics.

That was the heart of the dream and Mattfin was fashioned on the following vital philosophies

  • To always place our customers first

  • Be fair and equitable in dealing with customers

  • To earn and maintain the trustworthiness of staff and clients

  • Ensure customers are given clear information with regard to products and services

  • To be the trade standard for customer services

  • To be the partner - company of preference in the field of debt consolidation

  • To stand out in the business arena while being strictly ethical

  • To comply with legal and industry obligations and requirements

  • Deal fairly with complaints

Our Policies

We practice what we preach

Mattfin must enrich the lives of individual human beings.

Individuals' security and privacy at Mattfin are fundamental and must not be treated as optional.

Transparent, ethical processes promote participation, accountability and trust.

Magnifying the benefit aspects of Mattfin's work is an important goal, worthy of time, attention and commitment.

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